lunes, 4 de junio de 2007


1-The Sensation - Born To Love You
2-Lloyd & Earl - I Can't Stand It
3-Zanda Ferron - Lonely World
4-Enos & Shiela - La Bamba5. Lynn Taitt - You Have Caught Me
6-The Gladiators - Socking Good Time
7-Enos & Jackie – Everyday
8-Untouchables - Prisoner Of Love
9-Glen Brown - Ska Diap
10-The Sealmakers - Pretty Face Girl
11-The Hot Tops - Give It To Him
12-Enos McLeod - You Can Never Get Away
13-The Sensations - Lonely Lover
14-Lloyd & Earl - It Seems
15-Glen Brown - Who La La
16-Untouchables - Your Love
17-Bobby Ellis & The Desmond Miles Seven - Step Softly
18-The Gladiators - I'll Take You To The Movie
19-The Black Brothers - Give Me Loving
20-Lloyd Clarke - Young Love
21-Keith & Tex - Leaving On That Train
22-The Sealmakers - She Said She Loves Me
23-The Viceroys - Let Him Go (Wrap It Up)
24-Untouchables - Wall Flower
25-The Sensations - Right On Time
26-Lloyd & Glen - That Girl

Desacarga aqui rudyskareggaesonds ;)

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