martes, 29 de mayo de 2007


1-Garden Of Love

2-Glory To The Sound
3-From Russia With Love
4-Ska Fort Rock
5-When I Fall In Love
6-Freedom Sounds
7-Trip To Mars
8-Pata Pata - (Skata Skata)
9-Lester's Mood

10-Golden Love
11-African Beat
12-River To The Bank
13-Thinking Of You
14-Guns Of Navarone, The
15-Rock Fort Rock

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1-Mother Pepper

2-Don't blame me
3-You've got your problems
4-Personal possession
7-It pays
8-Young generation
9-Mother Long Tong

11-Mother Young Gal
12-Keep a cool head
13-Shing a ling
15-Gimme gimme
16-Fu Manchu

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lunes, 28 de mayo de 2007


Disco 1
1-I'M IN THE MOOD FOR SKA - Lord Tanamo
2-NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR - Owen & Leon Silveras
3-WATERMELON MAN - Baba Brooks Band
4-GET UP EDINA - Desmond Dekker
5-SILVER DOLLAR - Tommy McCook & The Skatalites
6-DOCTOR DICK - Lee Perry & The Soulettes
7-WHEN I CALL YOUR NAME - Stranger & Patsy
8-BLACKBERRY BRANDY - Roland Alphonso
9-JEZEBEL - Lloyd & Glen
10-BABY I LOVE YOU - Carl Dawkins
11-HAPPY GO LUCKY GIRL - The Paragons
12-NO RAISE NO PRAISE - Derrick Morgan
13-CARRY GO BRING COME - Justin Hinds & The Dominoes
14-BLESSINGS OF LOVE - Alton Ellis & The Flames
15-I DON'T NEED YOUR LOVE - Chuck & Dobby
16-CONGO WAR - Lord Brynner
17-DON D LION - Don Drummond

Disco 2
1-ROUGH & TOUGH - Stranger Cole
2-FREE MAN - The Ethiopians
4-DUCK SOUP - Drumbago's Orchestra
5-WRONG EMBRYO - The Rulers
6-SUDDEN DESTRUCTION - Johnny 'Dizzy' Moore
7-WHAT CAN I SAY - The Tartans
8-I'M SO IN LOVE WITH YOU - The Techniques
9-007 (SHANTY TOWN) - Desmond Dekker
10-WANT ME COCK - Owen & Leon Silveras
11-IRON BAR - Lord Tanamo
12-MISS JAMAICA - Jimmy Cliff
13-JEZEBEL - Owen Gray
14-PHEONIX CITY - Roland Alphonso
15-ONE EYED GIANT - Baba Brooks & His Band
16-RUB & SQUEEZE - Lee Perry
17-LET GEORGE DO IT - Don Drummond

Disco 3
1-OVER THE RIVER - Justin Hinds & The Dominoes
2-IF I DIDN'T LOVE YOU - Eric Morris
3-THE TIDE IS HIGH - The Paragons
4-GUNS OF NAVARONE - The Skatalites
5-BLAZING FIRE - Derrick Morgan
6-DOCTOR ZHIVAGO - Tommy McCook & The Skatalites
7-RUDIE GETS PLENTY - The Spanishtonians
8-TRAIN TO SKAVILLE - The Ethiopians
9-OPEN THE DOOR - Clive & Naomi
10-MUSICAL STOREROOM - Frank Anderson
11-BLAM BLAM FEVER - The Valentines
12-SAMMY NO DEAD - Clancy Eccles
13-STORM WARNING - Lyn Taitt & The Comets
14-GIRL I'VE GOT A DATE - Alton Ellis & The Flames
15-THE THIRD MAN THEME - Granville Williams Orchestra
16-DENHAM TOWN - Winston & George

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1-Give Thanks
2-Close to Jah
3-Zion I Dub
4-Herb Man Dub
5-Rocky Road
6-Hero of Dub
7-Dub of Love
8-Heavens Gate
9-Every Day I Pray

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sábado, 26 de mayo de 2007

Lee Perry - Larks From The Ark

01-Conscious Man - Jolly Brothers
02-Nuh Fe Run Down - Lee Perry
03-Freedom - Lee Perry & Earl Sixteen
04-Brotherly Love - Jolly Brothers
05-Groovy Situation - Keith Rowe
06-Them Don't Know Love - Righteous Vibes
07-Rasta Far I - Leroy Sibbles
08-Forward With Love - Mystic Eyes
09-Such Is Life - Lord Creator
10-Elaine - Mystic Eyes
11-Don't Be Afraid - George Faith
12-Cool Down - Jolly Brothers
13-School Girl - Lee Perry & Mikey Dread
14-I've Never Had It So Good - Bunny Scott
15-Four And Twenty Dreadlock - Prodical
16-What's The Use - Bunny Scott
17-African Freedom - Brother Hood
18-Colour - Jolly Brothers

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viernes, 25 de mayo de 2007

Skizofrenia Presenta su EP Promocional con 3 temas "Ensayos Tradicionales" para que lo descargues, lo escuches y lo disfrutes.......


01-Latin Goes Ska Interpretación Skizofrenia
02-Balada Frágil Inédito de la Skizofrenia
03-Phoenix City Interpretación Skizofrenia
+ bonus Track

Este promocional fue grabado el 31 de Abril en un ensayo que realizó
la banda,bueno para los escuchas disculpas x las pifias y todo pero en fin fue grabado de una y bueno esto resulto....
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sábado, 19 de mayo de 2007

Skatalites - Live at Lokerse Feesten

DvD yCd esta divido en dos cuando lo descargen ;)
sigan las intrucciones en la pag al bajarlo ;)
"Skatalites - Live at Lokerse Feesten 1997 & 2002"

01 Freedom Sound
02 Eastern Standard
03 Time
04 James Bond Theme
05 Guns Of Navarone
06 Can't You See
07 Simmer Down
08 Swing Easy
09 El Pussycat
10 The Vow
11 Phoenix City

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viernes, 18 de mayo de 2007

Alton Ellis - Arise black man (1968-1978)

1-Arise black man
2-I don't want to be right
3-Life could be a dream
4-Black man's pride
5-Play it coo
6-Rasta spirit
7-Blackish white
8-African descendants
10Sun of man
11-We a feel it
12-I'll take your hand
13-I don't know why (truly)
14-How I can
15-You are mine
16-It's your thing

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Trojan mod reggae box set

Descargalos aqui:

2) Descarga cd 2
3) Descarga cd 3

Skinhead Revolt - 20 Skinhead classics

Skinhead Revolt - 20 Skinhead classics
01-Skinhead Revolt - Joe The Boss
02-What Will Your Mother Say - Clancy Jones
03-If It Don't Work Out - Pat Kelly
04-Champion - G. G. Allstar
05-Little Better - Lloyd Parks
06-Left With A Broken Heart - The Paragons
07-In The Spirit - Lloyd Charmers
08-Reggae Girl - The Tennors
09-Death A Come - Lloyd Charmers
10-Skinhead Speaks His Mind - Hod Rods All Stars
11-Dark End Of The Street - Pat Kelly
12-Shu Be Du - Clancy Eccles
13-Come A Little Closer - Eric Donaldson
14-Barbabus - G. G. Allstars
15-Loving Reggae - The Maytones
16-Ease Me Up Officer - Soul Ofrus
17-Got to Get Away - The Paragons
18-To Love Somebody - Busty Brown
19-Place Called Happiness - Rudy Mills
20-Last Call - Silver Stars

miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2007

La Rude Jasha - Perros del camino

2-Mujer de dudosa
3-Jugando al amor (The ramblers)
4-por si da
5-Ni me lo vas a creer
6-No se acabara
7-Mas allá
8-Perro del camino
9-Cambias solo, cambias
10-La rude bamba
11-La torta
12-Mierda de hombre
14-Para quien uno trabaja
15-Circo celestial
Funky Kingston Reggae Dancefloor Grooves [trojan]

01-Toots & The Maytals - Funky Kingston
02-Zap Pow - Soul Revival
03-Tomorrows Children - Sister Big Stuff
04-Chosen Few - Reggae Stuff (Funky Stuff)
05-Lloyd Charmers & The Hippy Boys - Look-Ka-Py-Py
06-Jay Boys - Splendour Splash
07-Pioneers - Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)
08-Ken Boothe - Is It Because Im Black
09-Phyllis Dillon - Woman Of The Ghetto
10-Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Jungle Lion
11-A Darker Shade Of Black - Ball Of Confusion
12-Carl Dawkins And The Wailers - Cloud Nine
13-Pioneers - Papa Was A Rolling Stone
14-Tomorrows Children - War
15-Lloyd Parks - Stop The War Now
16-Bob Marley Marley & The Wailers - Soul Almighty
17-Lloyd Charmers - Shaft
18-Lloyd Williams - Funky Beat
19-Chosen Few - Do Your Thing
20-Toots & The Maytals - Funky Funky

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V.A. - This Is Crucial Reggae: SKA

1-Train To Skaville - The Ethiopians
2-Stranger At The Door - Stranger Cole
3-Broadway Jungle - Toots & The Maytals
4-007 (Shanty Town) - Desmond Dekker
5-Phoenix City - Roland Alphonso & The Soul Brothers
6-Blazing Fire - Derrick Morgan
7-Really Now - The Dreamletts
8-Miss Jamaica - Jimmy Cliff
9-Carry Go Bring Come - Justin Hinds
10-Guns Of Navarone - The Skatalites
11-Dance Crasher - Alton Ellis & The Flames
12-The One I Love - Ken Boothe

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Dawning of a New Era: The Roots of Skinhead Reggae

Disc 1:
01-John Jones - Rudy Mills
2-Gimme Back - Derrick Morgan
3-In Like Flint - Good Guys
4-Tommy's Dream - Tommy McCook
5-Son of Reggae - Sylvia Kuumba Williams
6-Quaker City - Eric Barnett, , Theophilus Beckford
7-Reggae Beat - The Pioneers
8-Groovin' at the Cue - Dandy & His Group
9-(What A) Revenge - Desmond Dekker, Derrick Morgan
10-Fat Man - Derrick Morgan
11-South Parkway Rock - Val Bennett
12-Rescue Me - Ebony Sisters
13-What You Gonna Do - Reggae Boys
14-Night of Love - Ansel Collins
15-Wala Wala - The Pioneers
16-Mix It Up - The Kingstonians
17-Forest Gate Rock - Lester Sterling
18-Soul Scorcher - Karl Bryan, Harry J All-Stars,
19-She's So Fine - Glen Adams
20-Magic Touch - Junior Murvin
21-Reggie on Broadway - Lester Sterling
Disc 2:
1-Another Scorcher - The Tennors
2-Avengers - Tommy McCook
3-5 to 5 - Lloyd Charmers
4-Rock Steady Gone - Dandy
5-Reggae Hit the Town - The Ethiopians
6-Su Su Su - The Pioneers
7-Dip It Up - The Sparkers
8-Splash Down - The Crystalites
9-Peanut Vendor - Tommy McCook
10-Wooh Oh Oh - Keith Blake
11-My Argument - Lloyd Charmers
12-Wise Message - Rico & The All Stars
13-Cool Hand Luke - The All Stars, , Brother Dan All-Stars
14-Drop Pon - The Crystalites
15-Eastern Organ - The All Stars, Brother Dan All-Stars
16. Baby Baby - Val Bennett
17-Cat Woman - Glen Adams
18-Parapinto - Karl Bryan, , Johnny "Dizzy" Moore
19-Last Laugh - Lloyd Charmers
20-Reggae Girl - The Tennors
21-Spoogy - Lester Sterling

Sixties Box Set
Trojan Records

Disco 1

1. gladstone anderson and lynn taitt and the jets
2. noel brown - by the time i get to phoenix
3. boris gardiner and the love people - hooked on a feeling
4. the uniques - crimson and clover
5. roland alphonso - a whiter shade of pale
6. lloyd charmers and the dragonaires - honey
7. ernest ranglin - everybodys talkin
8. ernest wilson and freddie mcgregor - just once in my life
9. the sonny bradshaw seven - love is blue
10. david isaacs - leaving on a jet plane
11. tomorrows children - bang bang
12. claudette thomas - roses are red my love
13. tommy mccook and the supersonics - ode to billy joe
14. hopeton lewis, henry buckley and dienne with the gaylettes - the mighty quinn
15. lyn taitt and the jets - puppet on a string
16. ken lazarus - sugar sugar
17. leslie butler and the fugitives - winchester cathedral

Descarga cd 1

Disco 2

1. the techniques - i wish it would rain
2. the shades - who you gonna run to
3. keith and tex - dont look back
4. slim smith - aint too proud to beg
5. the sensations - born to love you
6. delroy wilson - put yourself in my place
7. the clarendonians - baby baby (aka i cant help myself)
8. derrick harriott - reach out (ill be there)
9. the paragons - left with a broken heart
10. delano stewart - wherever i lay my hat
11. the harry j all stars - my cherie amour
12. the gaylettes - yester-me yester-you yesterday
13. lloyd charmers and the soul stirrers - come see about me
14. the soul leaders - mothers advice (shop around)
15. bobby davis and the sensations - doggone right
16. the uniques - youll lose a precious love
17. the mad lads - ill always love you

Descarga cd 2

Disco 3

1. roland alphonso - guantanamera
2. no eta el nombre :( xD!la vendieron x)
3. tommy mccook and the supersonics - ska flea (spanish flea)
4. ernest wilson - my elusive dreams
5. lyn taitt and the jets - to sir with love
6. pat kelly - (if it dont work out) then you can tell me goodbye
7. byron lee and the dragonaires - je taime (love at first sight)
8. the sensations - just one smile
9. gladstone anderson and the jets - if i only had time
10. gloria crawford - sad movies
11. boris gardiner and the happening - spooky
12. bob andy - the games people play
13. the harry j all stars - put a little love in your heart (the big three)
14. val bennett and the upsetters - stranger on the shore
15. dawn penn - it must be him (seil sur son etoile)
16. lester sterling - reggae in the wind (blowin in the wind)

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VA - Reggaematic Sounds
[Studio One]

a1-freedom singers (larry marshall) - sweet sensation
a2-sound dimension - soulful i
a3-freedom singers - bongo nyah
a4-brentford rd all stars - love at first sight
a5-freedom singers (larry marshall) - monkey man
b1-the heptones - choice of colours
b2-sound dimension - family man
b3-leroy sibbles - everybody talking
b4-sound dimension - moon hop
b5-freedom singers - aquarius
b6-sound dimension - jah berry

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Studio One Dub
[Soul Jazz/Studio One]

01-Bionic Dub
02-Take A Ride Version
03-Sky Rhythm
04-Taurus Dub 2
06-Dub Rock
07-Rastaman Version
08-Jah Jah Version
09-Creator Version
10-Running Dub
11-Hi Fashion Dub
12-Pretty Version
13-Race Track Version
15-In Cold Blood Version
16-Chase Them Version
17-Feel The Dub

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The Skatalites - Stretching Out

1-Freedom Sounds
2-Bridge View
3-Latin Goes Ska
4-Tear Up - (with Cedric Brooks)
5-Guns Of Navarone
6-Man In The Street
7-Come Dung
8-Big Trombone
9-Ska Ba
10-Road Block
11-Eastern Standard Time

1-Lee Harvey Oswald
2-Black Sunday
3-Mood For Ska
4-Fidel Castro - (#1)
5-El Pussy Cat
6-Four Corners
8-Old Fowl
9-Fidel Castro - (#2)
10-Welcome Back Home

Descarga cd 2
Bob Marley And The Wailers -
Greatest Hits At Studio One
[Studio One]

1-One Love
2-(I'm Gonna) Put It On
3-Simmer Down
4-Treat Me Good
5-Who Feels It Knows It
6-Cry To Me
7-It Hurts To Be Alone
9-Let Him Go
10-Sinner Man
12-Love And Affection
13-Maga Dog
14-I Am Going Home
15-I Need You So
16-I'm Still Waiting
17-And I Love Her
18-Sunday Morning

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V.A. - Moonwalk
Treasure Isle Skinhead Reggae Anthems
[Treasure Isle]

1-Bluebirds Flying Over - Silvertones
2-Moonlight Lover - Landis, Joya
3-Moonlight Groover - Wright, Winston
4-Hey Girl - Melodians
5-Sweet Soul Music - Gladiators
6-If You See Jane - Yardbrooms
7-Remember That Sunday - Ellis, Alton & Phyllis Dillon
8-Love Up Kiss Up - Termites
9-Black Coffee - McCook, Tommy
10-Mother's Tender Care - Ethiopians
11-Those Guys - Sensations
12-My Girl - Adams, Glen
13-I Wish It Would Rain - Techniques
14-Lonely Night - Melodians
15-Ali Baba - Holt, John
16-Ease Me Up Officer - Jarrett, Winston
17-Lipstick On Your Collar - Dillon, Phyllis
18-You Were To Be - Gladiators
19-Darling Please Return - Barons
20-My Desire - Yardbrooms
21-Moonwalk - Wright, Winston
22-Boom Shacka Lacka - Lewis, Hopeton & The Chosen Few
23-Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday - Sensations
24-Hopeful Village - Tennors
25-Moon Invader - Wright, Winston
26-Angel Of The Morning - Landis, Joya

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Skatalites & Laurel Aitken - The Long Hot Summer

01-Bad Minded Woman
02-Adam And Eve
04-Devil Or Angel
06-Freedom Train
09-The Saint
11-Peace Perfect Peace
12-Lion Of Judah

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