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Trojan-Skinhead generation

1. Symarip - Skinhead Moonstomp
2. The Pioneers - Long Shot Kick de Bucket
3. Dave & Ansel Collins - Double Barrel
4. The Upsetters - Return Of Django
5. The Maytals - 54-56 Was My Number
6. The Soul Sisters - Wreck A Buddy
7. Harry J All Stars - Liquidator
8. The Untouchables - Tighten Up
9. Winston Wright - Moon Invader
10. Dandy Livingstone - Big City, Bright Lights
11. Derrick Morgan - Moon Hop
12. Clancy Eccles - Fattie Fattie
13. Rudy Mills - John Jones
14. Rico & The Rudies - Brixton Cat15. Dandy - Reggae In Your Jeggae
16. Ethiopians - Train To Skaville
17. Richard Ace - Hang 'Em High
18. The Reggae Boys - Mama Look Deh

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domingo, 15 de abril de 2007

Laurel aitken - Scandal in a brixton market

01 - Scandal In A Brixton Market
02 - Madame Streggae
03 - Stupid Married Man
04 - Tammering (feat. Girlie)
05 - Have MercyA6 - Night Cricket
06 - Run Powell Run
07 - Teddy Bear
08 - Mr. Soul
09 - Woke Up This Morning
10 - Babelon (amb Rico)
11 -Stop The War In Vietnam
trojan_records's photo from 01/26/07


01.The Bunny Lee All Stars - Warfare
02.Busty Brown - Fight For Your Right
03.The Medetators - Soul Fight
04.The Victors - Reggae Buddy
05.Karl Bryan - Red Ash0
06.Hortense Ellis - My Last Date
07.What's your excuse - Hippy Boys
08.The Bunny Lee All Stars - Annie Pama
09.Lloyd Charmers - In The Spirit
10.The Hippy Boys - Peace Maker
11.The Soul Twins - Cherrie
12.Roland Alphonso - One Thousand Tons Of Megaton
13.The Hippy Boys - Reggae Pressure
14.The Reggae Boys - Ba Ba
15.Glen Adams - Power Cut
16.The Hippy Boys - Dreams To Remember
17.Max Romeo & The Hippy Boys - Clap Clap
18.Roland Alphonso - Musical Resurrection
19.Derrick Morgan - The Conqueror
20.Tommy McCook - The Saint (The Saints Go Marching In)

Cd 01
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01.The prophets - revenge of eastwood
02.King horror - zion i
03.Desmond Reily - Tear Them
04.The Des All Stars - Walk With Des
05.The Corporation - Walking Thru Jerusalem
06.Dandy - Shake Me Wake Me
07.Dice The Boss - Tea House From Emperor Rosko
08.Sir Collins - Black Panther
09.The Music Doctors - Going Strong
10.S. S. Binns - Bossa Moon
11.The Music Doctors - Music Doctor, Chapter 1
12.The Rudies - The Split
13.The Cimarons - Kick Me Or I'll Kick You
14.King Horror - Cutting Blade
15.Joe Mansaro - The Thief
16.Hot Rod All Stars - Return Of The Bad Man
17.The Des All Stars - Black Scorcher
18.The Music Doctors - Bush Doctor
19.The Rudies - Devil's Lead Soup
20.Dice The Boss - Your Boss DJ

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The Rude Boys - Ska fever

01 - Rocking at Ginger´s
02 - Ska Fever (part2)
03 - Bluebeat Baby
04 - Rudeboy Shuffle
05-Rude Boys - Bartender
06 - Rudegirl
07 - Ska Fever (Original)
08 - Drugwar
09 - Summertime

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1. Ghana Independence (They Got It)
2. Mas Charlie (Prisoner Song)
3. Nebuchadnezzar
4. Baba Kill Me Gota
5. Tribute to Collie Smith
6. West Indian Cricket Test
7. Aitken's Boogie
8. Come Back Jeannie
9. Mary Lee
10. Yea Yea Baby
11. If It's Money You Need
12. Low Down Dirty Girl
13. Railroad Track
14. Going Back to Kansas
15. Judgement Day
16. Mash Potato Boogie
17. Bossa Nova Hop
18. Zion City
19. Mary Don't You Weep
20. Bachelor Life
21. You Was Up
22. We Shall Overcome
23. Green Banana
24. Looking for My Baby
25. I Believe

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01 - Rudi Got Married
02 - Honey Come Back To Me
03 - Big Fat Man
04 - It's Too Late
05 - Mad About You (with Potato 5)
06 - Sahara (with Potato 5)
07 - Skinhead
08 - Hey Little Girl
09 - Sally Brown
10 - J'taimerai Toujous (I Love You Yes I Do)
11 - Eh Mon Amour
12 - Don't Turn Your Back
13 - I Love You, Yes I Do
14 - Peggy Sue
15 - Rude Boy Dream
16 - Hitchhike
17 - Ringo The Gringo
18 - Skinhead (12'' Edit)

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The Charmers - Skinhead Train
The Creations - Mix Up Girl
Sir Harry - Hee Cup
King Cannon (Karl Bryan) - Overproof (Aka Little Darlin')
Derrick Morgan - Copy Cat
Andy Capp - The Law
The Soul Rhythms - Soul Call
The Harmonians - Music Street
The Fabion - V Rocket
Tony Scott - What Am I To Do
The Versatiles - Spread Your Bed
The Dynamites - John Public (Tom Hark)
Cool Sticky - Casa Boo Boo
The Tennors - Smile (My Baby)
Roland Alphonso - Zapatoo The Tiger
The Viceroys - Work It
The Wanderers - Wiggle Waggle


The Creations - Qua Kue Shut
Vincent Foster - Shine Eye Gal
Harry & Radcliffe - History
Sir Lord Comic - Wha'pen
Tommy McCook & Stranger Cole - Last Flight To Reggae City
Vin Gordon & The Dynamics - The Burner
The Dynamites - Tribute To Drumbago (Aka Last Call)
Ansel Collins - Bigger Boss
The Beckford's Group - The Horse
The Upsetters - A Taste Of Killings
Boris Gardiner & The Love People - Don Juan
Lloyd Charmers - Dollars And Bonds
The G.G. All Stars - 2,000 Tons Of T.N.T.
Rupie Martin's All Stars - Death In The Arena
Willie Francis - Motherless Children
Sweet Confusion - Elizabethan Serenade
The Royals - Pick Out Me Eye


Claudette & Corporation - Skinheads A Bash Them
Dandy - Trouble In The Town
Desmond Riley - Skindhead A Message To You
The Pioneers - Reggae Fever
Des All Stars - Night Food Reggae
Rico & The Rudies - Brixton Cat
Hot Rod All Stars - Skinhead Speaks His Mind
Tony Tribe - Red Red Wine
King Horror - Loch Ness Monster
Hot Rod All Stars - Skinheads Don't Fear
Prophets - Concord
Winston Groovy - Funky Chicken
Symarip - Skinhead MoonstompFunky Duck
Joe The Boss - Skinhead Revolt
Claudette - Queen Of The World

3 en un archivo ;D

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Trojan records rocksteady box set

Disko 1 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JL0FYZIW
Disko 2 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=259MHH98
Disko 3 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WYJFZT37

Desmond Dekker - King Of Ska
1. Sammy Dead
2. Fat Man
3. Easy Snappin'
4. Carry Go Bring Come
5. Humpty Dumpty
6. King Of Ska
7. Take It Easy
8. Wings Of A Dove
9. King Of Kings
10. Jamaica Ska
11. 007 (Shanty Town)
12. Israelites
13. Rudie Got Soul

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trojan reggae for kids box kids

Cd 01

01- Gregory Issacs- Puff, The Magic Dragon

02- Tony Rebel- Bare Necessities

03- Freddie Mcgregor- Three Little Birds

04- Peter Broggs- Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf

05- Brigadier Jerry- Smart, Smart, Smart

06- Sugar Minnot- It's A Small World

07- Charlie Chaplin- Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

08- Gregory Issacs- When I See An Elephant Flying

09- Michigan & Smiley- Reggae Rock

10- Don Carlos- Zippity Do Dah

11- Bunny Wailer- Hakuna Matata

12- Eek-A-Mouse- Safari

13- Arrow- Under The Sea

14- The Roots Radics- Reggae For Kids

15- Yami Bolo- You've Got A Friend In Me

16- Gregory Issacs- Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)

17- Luciano- WHen You Wish Upon A Star

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Cd 02

01- The Bleechers- Farmer's In The Den

02- Eric 'Monty' Morris- Solomon A Gundie

03- Lloyd Robinson- Lavender Blue

04- Leo Graham- Three Blind Mice

05- David Issacs- Humpty Dumpty

06- The Granville Williams Orchestra- Old Mcdonald Ska

07- Eric 'Monty' Morris- Simple Simon

08- The Melodians- Little Nut Tree

09- Kent Brown & Sir Dee's Group- Hi Diddle Diddle

10- The Maytones- Brown Girl In The Ring

11- Leslie Butler + Lyn Taitt & The Jets- Hornpipe Rocksteady

12- Billy Vernon & His Celestials- Ska Suzanna

13- Eric 'Monty' Morris & The Dragonaires- Sammy Dead

14- Errol Dunkley- This Old Man (Nick Nack Paddywack)

15- Cecil Byrd & Sir D's Group- Ba Ba Black Sheep

16- Dennis Alcapone- Old King Cole

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CD 03

01- The Jay Boys- Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

02- Barbara Jones- How Much Is That Doggy In The Window

03- Lascelles Perkins- English Chicken

04- Glen Adams- The Lion Sleeps Tonight

05- Alton Ellis- The Alphabet Song ('12 Mix)

06- The Granville Williams Orchestra- Popeye, The Sailor Man (Ska)

07- Nicky Thomas- If I Had A Hammer

08- Tommy McCook & The Supersonics- Lonely Goat Herd Reggae

09- Hortense Ellis - Wooden Heart

10- The Silvertones- Sugar Sugar

11- Stranger Cole & Hortense Ellis- Mockingbird

12- Desmond Dekker- Yakety Yak

13- Ernest Ranglin- Grandfather's Clock

14- Michael Row- The Boat Ashore

15- The Dynamites- Hello Muddah (Hello Fuddah)

16- Byron Lee & The Dragonaires Feat. Pam Hall- My Boy Lollipop

17- Dennis Alcapone- Teach The Children (Aka Teacher Teacher)

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Gilberto Gil - Kaya n´gan Daya

01- Buffalo Soldier (6:08)
02- One Drop (5:03)
03- Waiting In Vane (4:19)
04- Table Tennis Table (4:30)
05- Three Little Birds (3:10)
06- Nao Chore Mais (No Woman No Cry) (4:36)
07- Positive Vibration (4:26)
08- Could You Be Loved (5:16)
09- Kaya n´gan daya (Kaya) (3:59)
10- Rebel Music (3 O´clock Road Block) (5:10)
11- Then Belly Full (But We Hungry) (4:02)
12- Tempo Só (Time Will Tell) (3:47)
13- Easy Skankin´(3:51)
14- Turn Your Lights Down Low (4:11)
15- Eleve-Se Alto Ao Céu (Lively Up Yourself) (4:24)
16- Lick Samba (3:12)
17- Extra (5:51)

Un homenaje del mas grande musico del brasil
asia el mas grande musico del reggae mundial Bob Marley

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Skatalites - Hi- Bop Ska!

1. Guns Of Navarone (6:25)
2. Flowers For Albert (6:04)
3. Ska Reggae Hi-Bop (8:25)
4. You're Wondering Now (2:50)
5. Everlasting Sound (5:28)
6. African Freedom (5:35)
7. Man In The Street (4:57)
8. Split Personality (5:25)
9. Renewal (4:50)
10. Nelson's Song (6:02)
11. Burru Style (7:37)
12. Ska Ska Ska (3:53)

The Skatalites están considerados los padres del ska y, por tanto, influenciadores del Rocksteady y del Reggae, sus descendientes musicales que derivan de los sonidos tradicionales de Jamaica. Sus primeras grabaciones de ska datan de junio de 1964, aunque estos músicos habían trabajado bastante tiempo antes como banda de estudio, grabando principalmente Rithm'n'Blues. Los miembros originales de la banda obtuvieron su formación musical a partir de los músicos de jazz de la isla Jamaicana. Por eso, aunque se inspiraron en lo que sonaba en Estados Unidos (principalmente boogie woogie) y los sonidos africanos, la música de The Skatalites contiene muchos elementos propios del jazz.

Los miembros originales de The Skatalites fueron Don Drummond (trombonista), Tommy McCook (saxo tenor y flauta), Roland Alfonso (saxo tenor), Lester Sterling (saxo alto), "Dizzy Johny" Moore (trompeta), Lloyd Brevet (bajo) Lloyd Knnibb (batería), Jackie Mittoo (Piano y Organo), Jah Jerry Haines (Guitarra).

The Skatalites grabaron para los "soundsystems" a través de "Studio One", del que eran banda de estudio. LLegaron a ser muy populares en Jamaica dado que la mayoría de artistas, como Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer o Toots and the Maytals grabaron con ellos. La banda original se disolvió en 1965, año en que el líder del grupo (Don Drummond) mató a su esposa y lo internaron en el centro psiquiátrico "De Bellevue", centro en el que murió al cabo de dos años.

La banda reapareció reformada como grupo en el año 83 y en la actualidad siguen tocando, aunque la mayoría de componentes han sido reemplazados. Recibieron dos Grammy en 1996 y 1997.
de hecho son mi banda favorita :D

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Katchafire - Slow Burning

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01.Val Bennett "Reggae City"
02.Eddie Cave & the Fyx "Fresh Out of Tears"
03.The Mohawks "The Champ"
04.The Techniques "Who You Gonna Run To?"
05.The Blue Chips "Tell Her"
06.Bovver Boys "AGGRO"
07.The Gaylads "Seven In One"
08.Delroy Wilson "I Love You Madly"
09.Phyllis Dillon "Rock Steady"
10.Timebox "Beggin'"
11.Ossie and the Upsetters "Turn Me On"
12.Stellastarr "Say It"
13.The Marvels "Rocksteady"
14.Lucas & Mike Cotton Sound "Step Out of Line"
15.Dave Barker "Follow Your Heart"
16.Bettie Swann "Make Me Yours"
17.Lloyd Jackson Grovers "Do It Together"
18.The Pyramids "Feel Alright"

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UB40-The Fathers Of Reggae

01.You Could Meet Somebody-(with The Mighty Diamonds)
02.You're Always Pulling Me Down-(with Freddie McGregor)
03.Silent Witness-(with Brent Dowe)
04.Bring Meyour Cup-(with gregory Isaacs)
05.Always There-(with Honey Boy)
06.I Love It When You Smile-(with Alton Ellis)
07.Don't Do The Crime-(with Jackie Robinson)
08.Watchdogs-(with Max Romeo)
09.Love Is All Is Alright-(with Bob Andy)
10.Earth Dies Screaming, The-(with Ken Boothe)
11.Don't Slow Down-(with Winston Groovy)
12.Higher Ground-(with Leroy Sibbles)
13.Pillow, The-(with John Holt)
14.C'est La Vie-(with Toots Hibbert)

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-The Trojan Originals Box Set- 3CD

pass:toxxy < :D

Disco 1
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Disco 2
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Disco 3
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