sábado, 26 de mayo de 2007

Lee Perry - Larks From The Ark

01-Conscious Man - Jolly Brothers
02-Nuh Fe Run Down - Lee Perry
03-Freedom - Lee Perry & Earl Sixteen
04-Brotherly Love - Jolly Brothers
05-Groovy Situation - Keith Rowe
06-Them Don't Know Love - Righteous Vibes
07-Rasta Far I - Leroy Sibbles
08-Forward With Love - Mystic Eyes
09-Such Is Life - Lord Creator
10-Elaine - Mystic Eyes
11-Don't Be Afraid - George Faith
12-Cool Down - Jolly Brothers
13-School Girl - Lee Perry & Mikey Dread
14-I've Never Had It So Good - Bunny Scott
15-Four And Twenty Dreadlock - Prodical
16-What's The Use - Bunny Scott
17-African Freedom - Brother Hood
18-Colour - Jolly Brothers

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